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CustomerServ Brings Jobs to Kenya, by Partnering with CCI to Provide Call Center Services for Major Tech Brand


CustomerServ works with CCI to demonstrate its commitment to impact sourcing with new call center in Nairobi.

CustomerServ, an outsourcing pioneer that specializes in helping brands partner with call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) vendors worldwide, launched its second client in Nairobi, Kenya, with Africa’s largest BPO company – CCI. CustomerServ has created over 100,000 new outsourcing jobs globally since its inception in 2006, and is committed to job growth in emerging markets. Known as impact sourcing, CustomerServ’s commitment to bringing work to areas with high unemployment and limited career opportunities is a key part of the company’s business strategy and corporate social responsibility.

“Although I was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, many of my friends and family members are from Nairobi,” says CustomerServ Founder and President Nick Jiwa, explaining why this achievement in Kenya is important to him personally. “This is the kind of impact sourcing that we strive for—creating job opportunities, teaching management skills, and offering career paths for young, educated, talented, and hard-working individuals living in areas of persistently high unemployment.”

CustomerServ is working with CCI on a dual mission—deliver best-in-class customer service and new job growth in underserved communities. CCI’s new call center in Nairobi adds 3,000 agents to the 8,000 already working at its flagship centers in South Africa. CCI continues to expand throughout Africa to meet ever-increasing demand from U.S. and global brands tapping into the high degree of talent available in Africa, and CustomerServ will continue to work with CCI to expand these opportunities.


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