Our Process: Rooted
in Experience

Tried and tested over 30 years, our call center vetting and client matching process is radically different—and second to none.

Our Process

How do we match so well? A deeper level of engagement.

Investing in Our Vendors

Nobody knows their vendors like we do. We invest considerably to find and assess the best global call center vendors. With continuous on-site audits and a rigorous evaluation process, only the highest performers make the cut. #e33766

Investing in Our Clients

We devote substantial upfront time and resources to understanding our clients' needs on a molecular level - at no cost to them. This immersive discovery process helps lay the foundation for a successful outsourcing partnership. #5bd684

Our Secret Sauce

Well Proven? Yes – we have a vetting process and scoring methodology that is uniquely ours and remarkably effective. But the magic of our vendor-client matching hinges on a refined process that can only come from decades of expertise. #fa8c35

The Intake: Market Evaluation

CustomerServ is your “feet-on-the-street,” bringing our clients decades of expertise even before the point of vendor recommendation. We help you navigate the complex call center industry and our data intake translates into successful outsourcing results. 

We don't just monitor trends - we set them. One success story at a time.

  • Call Center Vendor Landscape
    Since 2006, over 700 call center outsourcers vetted and counting. Insights on industry leaders, laggards and rising stars
  • Industry Pulse
    Up-to-speed on emerging industry developments, “inside track” on vendors, industry chatter and trendlines
  • Research & Analyze
    Continuous benchmarking with industry leaders, round-the-clock refinement of vetting techniques, data gathering, auditing and confirming value propositions
  • The Final Touch
    Complete rigorous evaluation, on-site assessments, scrutinize, distill, verify and hand-select standout firms
  • Elite Vendor Portfolio
    Less than 20% of vendors we evaluate make the cut into our portfolio of distinguished, represented providers


The Results

Successful, headache-free outsourcing partnerships that last.


The numbers speak for themselves - our recommended vendor(s) are selected more than 94% of the time, and 90% of our clients retain our recommended vendor(s) for 5+ years.

Reduced Risk & Investment

Working with us, you offload the costly and laborious process of searching for and vetting call center vendors, saving time and reducing the risk of choosing the wrong vendor.

Better Performance

We've facilitated over $2.5 billion in outsourcing contracts since 2006 - pairing our clients with the best-performing call center vendors - a true competitive advantage.