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We are honored to work with a great group of clients and we understand the value of earning a testimonial these days. We have shared some here and invite you to read more on LinkedIn

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April Sealy

Senior Vice President, Operations


CustomerServ has been instrumental in helping me understand the call center vendor landscape with much more clarity. I can rely on Nick and his team for thought leadership, advice and recommendations that align very well with business goals and objectives. I highly recommend CustomerServ for anyone seeking the right vendors and insightful guidance on best practices from a high-integrity resource.

Nathan Hughes

Senior Manager Contract & Vendor Management


Nick and CustomerServ are a great resource to help crystallize your outsourcing strategies and vendor options. I worked with Nick previously and he always delivers the highest quality recommendations, enhancing my knowledge base of the outsourcing industry.

Netcha Rodriguez

Director of Customer Service

Fleetcor (Comdata)

Nick and CustomerServ were instrumental in helping us find a new call center BPO vendor. Nick and his team took the time to understand our business needs and they provided us with valuable insight and expertise on vendor selection, outsourcing strategies and best practices. I highly recommend Nick and CustomerServ to anyone seeking expert guidance on selecting the best vendor for your needs.

Tom Poston

Area Manager, Marketing & Sales Operations


Nick and the CustomerServ team established one of our best performing call center vendor relationships and have been instrumental in staying engaged and involved in the success of the partnership. In an industry that seems to be crowded with vendors and people always trying to sell you stuff, Nick’s knowledge base and trusted-advisor approach is really a breath of fresh air. Although I have extensive call center experience, I can always bounce stuff off Nick and often learn something new from him. I value our relationship and would recommend that you get Nick and CustomerServ on your team fast!

Peter Mendelson

VP of Marketing

Gerber Life Insurance

I have known Nick for over 20 years and he is my go-to guy for anything call center related. Nick and his team can distill complex issues into quick wins and have done so repeatedly for me over the years. At Gerber Life Nick helped me find the right outsourcing partner and in my other roles over the past 2 decades, Nick has been an invaluable resource. Nick and CustomerServ are highly recommended by me.

Morgan Perez

Director - Digital Transformation - GSS

Thermo Fisher Scientific

I made a smart decision utilizing Nick’s knowledge base and services twice. First time I was in a tough spot, my internal site was at capacity, service levels were hurting, we needed an outsource partner fast and CustomerServ saved us. I was amazed at how CustomerServ intuitively, professionally and with speed and accuracy, matched us with the best partner. The second time, at another company, CustomerServ came through for us again, and this time in a much more complex situation, they found us the exact type of BPO relationship we needed. Not only does CustomerServ have a nice portfolio of partners to sync up with, they are reliable experts, do what they say, very professional and they won’t let you down. I am happy to recommend Nick and CustomerServ to anyone in need of the best vendor options.

Devin Finlay

Senior BPO Manager

Hotel Engine

I come from the BPO industry and consider myself a smart outsourcing buyer. However, Nick’s knowledge base of BPOs and industry trends is unparalleled. I have learned a lot from working with Nick and CustomerServ, and they have matched me with my best-performing vendor partners. Nick is a valuable resource for me, and many of my peers seeking an honest, high integrity expert who knows his stuff.

Doug Herring

Senior Manager Sales

SunPower Corp.

I have been working with Nick to identify call center partners. With 20+ years of call center leadership under my belt I have plenty of contacts for this but dreaded RFPs and searches. Nick made all this painless for me and vetted some fantastic call center partners that I was able to review and in a time frame that surpassed my expectations. All of his selections met or exceeded my requirements. If you need to look for great outsourced call center partners and want to avoid many of the hurdles you would normally face in your search then I recommend Nick very highly.


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