Where you outsource makes all the difference in the world.

Navigate nearshore, offshore and onshore call center outsourcing with CustomerServ.

Chaos. Complexity. Confusion.
Welcome to the world of call center outsourcing.

The global call center industry is crowded with thousands of onshore, nearshore and offshore vendors. Choosing the best vendors in the right geography is critical to your outsourcing success. 


Call center/BPO industry


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Meet your GlobalShoring™ Sherpa.

Our intensive vetting process is your competitive advantage in discovering elite vendors and understanding all of the risks and benefits of onshore, nearshore or offshore outsourcing.

Around the corner or around the world, we help you pick the call center vendor that’s right for you.



Onshore call centers are located in the continental USA. Companies choose onshore call center vendor sites when English fluency, accents, cultural affinity and risk mitigation are top concerns.



Nearshore call centers are located in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Nearshore is attractive for lower costs, geographic proximity to the USA, cultural affinity, English fluency and bilingual services.



Offshore call centers are located in the Philippines, Europe, Africa, South America, India and Asia. Companies choose offshore when cost outweighs concerns over time zones, accents and cultural affinity.

Rightsource your call center with the global leader.

Beyond matching the right vendor(s) - onshore, nearshore or offshore - for you, we clarify the complex global outsourcing industry and help you design the right outsourcing roadmap. Mitigate your risks and define the best sourcing strategy for long term success-- with our expertise.

Handpicked vendors

During our intensive vetting process, we handpick elite vendors in popular and emerging outsourcing markets

In-country expertise

Our in-country knowledge of people, culture, labor markets, risks and opportunities is unmatched

On the ground with you

We travel with you globally when you conduct site visits and perform your due diligence at our vendor sites


On-site due diligence visits conducted worldwide


Agent-only focus groups conducted worldwide

$3.1 billion

In call center contracts outsourced

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We’re fluent in multilingual call center outsourcing.

  • 30+ languages supported by our vendors
  • Call centers in over 40 countries, 6 continents
  • Bilingual and trilingual agents
  • Native and near-native dialects
  • Site based and work-at-home support
  • Contact center, BPO and translation services

We’re on the ground for you at sites across the world.

We invest heavily in frequent on-site visits to our vendors before you meet them, and after you select them. Our due diligence ensures that your agents and operations teams are like your family, and an extension of your brand and values.
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No vendor in any “shore” can succeed without great people working hard for you and your customers



A strong work ethic and desire to succeed while embracing our client’s culture– this defines outsourcing success



Our vendors understand the important of service and we’re proud of the community outreach and “giving back” they do



The best vendors invest heavily in living the client’s brand. Agents are the client’s front-line “brand ambassadors” in any “shore”



The bedrock of success is inventive training and mentoring which drives higher quality scores and the best customer experience



Our vendors attract and retain great talent by investing in their sites and people— leading to strong employee satisfaction ratings



Today’s call center agent is tomorrow’s call center leader—CustomerServ’s vendors are devoted to career path opportunities and growth

Call centers talk (and so do our clients).

“I come from the BPO industry and consider myself a smart outsourcing buyer. However, Nick’s knowledge base of BPOs and industry trends is unparalleled. I have learned a lot from working with Nick and CustomerServ, and they have matched me with my best-performing vendor partners. Nick is a valuable resource for me, and many of my peers seeking an honest, high integrity expert who knows his stuff.”

Devin Finlay
Senior BPO Manager

"Nick and CustomerServ are a great resource to help crystallize your outsourcing strategies and vendor options. I worked with Nick previously and he always delivers the highest quality recommendations, enhancing my knowledge base of the outsourcing industry."

Nathan Hughes
Senior Manager Contract & Vendor Management
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