Say goodbye to
outsourcing underwhelm.

Our experts will help you eliminate the stress of call center vendor selection and all the pain that comes with it.
Find All-Star Vendors

Discover elite vendor(s) you might not be aware of, early in your search process

We invest heavily in our intensive vetting process, evaluating hundreds of call center BPO vendors across the globe. We hand-select elite firms only, so the legwork is done and you end up with a pool of the highest-performing vendors and access to the rising stars long before your competitors find them.
Rightsizing to Your Needs

Avoid defaulting to larger players only; “rightsize” with the perfect niche expertise

It’s easy to “pick IBM” - but no outsourcer, regardless of size, offers an error-free outsourcing safe haven. A client-vendor mismatch can cause issues with expectations, resources and ultimately a degradation of performance, especially if the vendor is too big. We guide our clients to vendors that “fit like a glove."

Learn Why Size Matters

Lasting Vendor Relationships

Avoid the vendor “revolving door” and find lasting outsourcing relationships

In an industry where 60% of outsourcing contracts aren’t renewed, 90% of our vendor relationships are retained for 5+ years. We match correctly from the start, creating resilient outsourcing relationships and eliminating the resource-intensive process of hiring and firing vendors over and over again.
Pain-Free Search and Selection

Eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of scouring the industry for vendors

The best-performing vendors in our industry are often the hardest to find. Our vendors are the “who’s  who” in elite providers that win market share daily by doing the simple things well. Avoid the struggle of searching for the most credentialed vendors that will embrace and nurture your business - we've already done the “searching” for you.
Expert Guidance

Navigate a crowded industry with too many vendors that look, feel and sound the same

The call center marketplace is a morass of vendors making very similar promises only to disappoint clients once the real work starts. We've developed a formula that cuts through the “smoke and mirror sales pitches” and hones in on vendors that consistently lead the pack. And you can count on us to stay engaged and accountable to you beyond the vendor match.
Access to Our Brain Trust

Leverage three decades of frontline industry experience to your competitive advantage

Our team helped pioneer the evolution of outsourcing from the '80s to present day. We’ve sourced tens of thousands of agents for Fortune 100s to startups, facilitated hundreds of RFPs and vendor searches and helped countless companies outsource their call center for the first time. Put our knowledge base to work for you.
How CustomerServ Works
CustomerServ - Pain of Outsourcing


Selecting the Right-Sized Vendor
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Your search and selection experience, revolutionized.

Our service portfolio is designed to eliminate the headaches of outsourcing.
You discover the best vendor. We do the heavy lifting.
  • Expert matchmaking to the most compatible call center vendor(s)
  • Validate your outsourcing playbook and roadmap
  • Sourcing, due diligence vendor management tools
  • Insane vetting well before you meet our vendors
  • Market analysis – outsourcing “Wikipedia”
  • Discover the best vendors for your outsourcing goals, at no cost to you
  • Expert analysis and consultation on the right outsourcing strategies
  • RFP and RFI design, customization and deployment
  • Hundreds of vendors vetted and counting, intimate knowledge of our hand-selected vendors ensures our high match rate
  • Help navigate and clarify the complex and chaotic call center outsourcing industry
  • Process starts with a molecular understanding of your needs
  • Guidance on performance benchmarking, pain points and areas of improvement
  • Current vendor pricing review and contract analysis and comparison
  • Well-proven due diligence audits, no stone unturned, only the strong survive
  • Rightsourcing guidance for onshore, nearshore and offshore solutions
  • Meet the “who’s who” in elite vendors you might not find without us
  • Vendor landscape analysis, leaders, laggards, minefields to avoid
  • Custom MSA, SOW vendor scoring and best practices
  • Continuous evaluation of our vendors' performance and growth
  • Market developments, new technology and processes
  • We remain engaged and accountable to you beyond the match
  • Migration from insourcing to outsourcing + comprehensive cost analysis
  • Effective site visit processes and site evaluation methodologies
  • Obsessive about a “long-term client-vendor union”– because a simple vendor referral won’t do
  • Thought leadership and guidance, industry trends and market shifts

Think of us as the "" of call center outsourcing.

CustomerServ is responsible for over $2 billion in successful outsourcing relationships and counting.

Outsourcing Success Beyond the Match

Our team has decades of experience behind our prescriptive process and we know the keys to outsourcing success.

We’ll consult, guide, advise and share our knowledge base and best practices to help you maximize outsourcing performance, at no fee to you.

Our Process
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