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Our experts will help you eliminate the stress of call center vendor selection and all the pain that comes with it.


What-We-Do-Diagram-2021 (1)What We Do

Founded in 2006, CustomerServ is a matchmaking innovator and outsourcing ecosystem that expertly matches our clients with the right call center and BPO vendor relationships. With today’s marketplace challenges, business leaders want reliable solutions and a lot less 'noise'.

CustomerServ creates a more predictable path to outsourcing success for stakeholders tasked with the important decision of choosing the right outsourcers. And there is never a success fee to engage us for vendor recommendations, expertise or knowledge sharing. 


How we help you outsource smarter.

Curated Vendor Recommendations

  • Expert analysis of your outsourcing needs
  • Navigate the overcrowded BPO industry
  • Discover elite vendors you are unaware of
  • Nothing changes in your diligence process
  • Avoid incorrect vendor selection risks
  • Create longer term partnerships

Crystallize Your Outsourcing Roadmap

  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing  analysis
  • Onshore, nearshore and offshore guidance
  • Benchmarking and comparisons
  • Vendor landscape and market trends
  • Effective vendor management strategies
  • Diversity spend and impact sourcing 

Due Diligence and Vendor Selection Expertise

  • Pricing, performance, and contract analysis
  • RFP, MSA, SOW templates and content
  • Vendor assessment and scoring modules
  • Continuous evaluation of vendor performance
  • Work-at-home vs. in-center staffing models
  • Exclusive market intelligence on vendors

Expansive Industry Knowledge Base

  • Hundreds of call center BPOs vetted
  • Over $3.1 billion in outsourcing contracts
  • Over 100,000 new call center jobs created
  • Rigorous vetting of certified vendors
  • Well-proven due diligence audits ongoing
  • Real-time market analysis and trends
  • Thought leadership and advocacy
How CustomerServ Works
Selecting the Right-Sized Vendor
Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing Success Beyond the Match

Our team has decades of experience behind our prescriptive process and we know the keys to outsourcing success.

We’ll consult, guide, advise and share our knowledge base and best practices to help you maximize outsourcing performance, at no-fee to you.

Our Process
Case Studies