The CustomerServ

We are relentlessly obsessed with the long-term success of your outsourcing experience. And we have the track record to prove it.

Outsourcing, redefined.

Fortune 100s to startup companies discover their best-performing call center vendors through us. Learn how we match so well.

The CustomerServ Ecosystem

Our team helped pioneer the call center outsourcing industry over 30 years ago. Over time we’ve assembled a brain trust based on decades of experience, a deep knowledge of the landscape, a global network and a revolutionary process that others have tried to emulate. We’re flattered but talk is cheap.
Who We Are

Time-Tested Matching Process

Our matching begins with precise discovery; we carefully examine your distinct requirements and pain points on a molecular level. Nothing is taken for granted, even if we've “performed the surgery before.” We’ll apply our matching process and expertise, crystallizing the right options and aligning you with call center vendors you’ll embrace tightly.
Our Process

Intensive Vendor Vetting

We invest considerably in meticulous vetting - including on-site, in-person assessments of every one of our vendors - long before the point of recommendation. Our well-proven due diligence of over 600 vendors and counting leaves no stone unturned — only the strong survive. The result? An intimate knowledge of the call center vendor landscape and a hand-selected pool of elite vendors.
Our Process

Are You Happy with Your Call Center Vendor?

The call center industry is notorious for overcrowding, monotonous vendor sales
pitches and commoditization. Finding, selecting and retaining a lasting outsourcing
partnership is a difficult task.

CustomerServ was created to solve these problems.

Crowded marketplace
In an industry with seemingly limitless vendor options, we help you find the right ones, often rising stars you haven't heard of.
Unqualified vendors
Our vetting process is intense and the bar is high, so you invest your valuable time only with the most credentialed vendors from us.
Costly upfront investments
There's no risk and no fee to work with us, and although you're under no obligation to pick our recommended vendor(s), you probably will.
Searching is resource-intensive
Eliminate the expense and headache of scouring the industry for the right call center vendors. We've done all the legwork so you don't have to.
“Defaulting to IBM”
It's easy to pick the big-name vendors, but they aren't always the best fit. We'll match you with vendors that fit like a glove.
Poor vendor-client match
In the same way helps you find the perfect “mate,” our goal is to ensure a lasting vendor-client relationship.
One-and-done brokers
Unlike many of the "me-too" brokers out there, we stay engaged beyond the match to support the success of the relationship.
Empty promises
Too many call center vendors make big promises then faceplant when the real work starts. We'll match you with vendors that keep their promises.
Short-lived contracts
In an industry where over 60% of outsourcing contracts are not renewed, 90% of our clients retain our well-matched vendor(s) for five years or more.
Hard to keep up
The call center world moves at a dizzying pace. Clients leverage our brain trust to stay on top of the industry and ahead of the competition.
Outsourcing roadmap
We’ll get you to your goal with an “honest” outsourcing business plan and time tested strategies supercharged with the right vendors.
Poor performance
Under-performing vendors driving you nuts? We'll analyze the problems, validate your concerns and help you discover vendors that will embrace you much tighter.
We're more than search consultants. We're relationship consultants. We'll work tirelessly to ensure you're delighted with your outsourcing performance.

Unrivaled Performance

Choosing a call center vendor used to be simple. Today the outsourcing marketplace is a morass of vendors making very similar promises. CustomerServ was founded on the belief that there should be a more predictable way for you to secure the best vendor relationships. We think the numbers speak for themselves.
$3.1 billion in
Facilitated over $3.1 billion in outsourcing contracts since 2006
94% selection
Our recommended vendor(s) selected 94% of the time
5 years or
90% of our clients retain our recommended vendor(s) for 5+ years

Global Call Center Knowledge Base

The near-shore and off-shore call center outsourcing markets move at a frenetic pace—adding more confusion to an already complex outsourcing landscape.
  • Is near-shoring or off-shoring right for you?
  • What lines of business should you outsource globally?
  • What are the right price points for you and what will your cost savings be?
  • What regions of the world and which countries should you consider?
  • What are the call center agents like? Accents? Skill sets? Training?
  • Is near-shore and off-shore call center outsourcing risky?
  • What about travel, safety, security and other geopolitical concerns?
  • Which countries are too saturated already with call center vendors?

CustomerServ Has the Answers

Since 2006, we have helped decision makers navigate the nuances of global outsourcing and guide them to selecting the right call center vendor.
  • Elite call center outsourcing vendors in over 20 countries and counting
  • Support of over 100 languages in native and near-native dialects
  • Knowledge of the international landscape, vendors to consider, vendors to avoid and common pitfalls
  • The best go-to-market strategies that match your needs perfectly
  • Continuous, meticulous auditing through on-site assessments and other due diligence methods
  • Access to the leading near-shore and off-shore call center vendors in our portfolio of top providers
  • Knowledge of the best vendor options for your global outsourcing needs
  • Cost savings with no degradation in performance and quality
In a global marketplace that moves at the speed of light, our knowledge base is your
competitive advantage.