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The Allergic Reaction to Nearshore and Offshore Call Centers (Part 1)
By Nick Jiwa January 12, 2018
“Hell no” is often the first reaction when someone in your budget meeting says: “Why don’t we cut ..
Market Size: Just How Big Is the Call Center Industry?
By Nick Jiwa October 25, 2017
The call center industry has been growing and evolving for the past few decades. Have you ever ..
Is Call Center Outsourcing a Commodity?
By Nick Jiwa September 8, 2017
A commodity is commonly referred to as a type of widely available product or service that is not ..
Default Syndrome: You Picked The Wrong Vendor
By Nick Jiwa June 1, 2016
Size matters in the call center industry and if you select an outsourcer that is too big or too ..
Outsourcing is Broken and How to Fix It: A Podcast
By Nick Jiwa February 2, 2016
Listen to a down to earth, real world conversation between outsourcing experts Nick Jiwa and Amas ..
The Dreaded PFP Model
By Nick Jiwa January 14, 2016
Let’s get right to the point: PFP (Pay for Performance) is one of the most polarizing acronyms in ..
The Blind RFP
By Nick Jiwa January 28, 2015
There are dozens of reasons why companies issue an RFP for call center services. But, what is the ..
The decline of “Voice” Outsourcing in India – a realistic perspective
By Nick Jiwa January 10, 2015
As an outsourcing industry veteran of 20 plus years, my business is recommending call center ..


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