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Top Customer Service Issues and CustomerServ’s Call Center Expertise in Streaming Services

CustomerServ’s Streaming Services Outsourced Contact Centers Enhance End-to-End Customer Experience

In 2007, Netflix revolutionized the television viewing experience with the launch of its on-demand digital streaming service. For the first time, consumers had control over how and when they consumed content. The variety of over-the-top (OTT) streaming services that soon followed provided cost-conscious consumers with affordable alternatives to the expensive, long-term contracts standard for traditional pay-TV programming packages.

Today, multiplatform streaming services have become ingrained into consumers’ always-connected mobile lifestyles. The market has exploded in recent years with new players entering the fray almost daily. The fierce competition is causing the market to fracture as TV studios and media companies withdraw distribution licenses for popular shows from independent streaming services in order to offer them exclusively on their own platforms. Meanwhile, the subscription services heavy-hitters have been quickly expanding their video libraries with original programming. 

The resulting a la carte marketplace translates into higher costs for consumers as they are forced to pick and choose which programs they’re willing to pay to view. However, the freedom of month-to-month subscriptions makes it easy for viewers to sign up and drop services to get access to the shows they desire. Market research firm Park Associates found that 28% of consumers have subscribed to a streaming service to check out a single title. 

In the coming years, reducing subscriber churn will continue to be a top challenge for streaming services providers, especially with the recent increase in new OTT sites offering free ad-supported content. In the increasingly crowded television entertainment landscape, the battle for consumers’ share of wallet is no longer between streaming services and traditional TV providers. Streaming services providers must now compete with each other to cultivate subscriber retention and growth. 

Top Customer Service Challenges for Streaming Services Companies

Access to an extensive content library is undoubtedly a top draw for potential subscribers; however, consumers also view providers that deliver innovative, personalized solutions as a higher value proposition. Today’s digital-savvy consumers seek a superior end-to-end experience that makes viewing their favorite shows easy, convenient and friction-free. 

The following are key customer service challenges for streaming services providers:

  • Delivering personalized customer service. Consumers are aware of the information that companies collect. They will freely provide personal information with the expectation that, when a support need arises, the company delivers a customized service experience that demonstrates their understanding of who the customer is, which devices the customer uses, what bundled or add-on services they may subscribe to, and the customer’s plan type (e.g., premium vs. standard). 
  • Consumers access streaming services from smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, internet-enabled televisions and OTT media players. Delivering effective subscriber support requires call center representatives to be tech-savvy and knowledgeable about a wide variety of streaming devices and platforms.
  • Providing a frictionless experience calls for easy, instant, 24/7 access to service professionals so that subscribers can get their issues resolved quickly and get back to their shows. 
  • Large media and tech companies entering the direct-to-consumer streaming market will need to establish customer service and support operations. Standing up a new contact center with the required people, processes and technology is a time-consuming and costly venture.
  • Strong brands will require expertise in customer experience strategy and design to align brand values, reputation and personality with the service experience.
  • Reducing subscriber churn will require specialized support teams with access to subscriber insights and feedback, analytical and creative-thinking skills and passion for driving customer experience improvement.

CustomerServ’s Elite Outsourcing Vendors Deliver Superior Subscriber Experience for Streaming Services Providers

In the increasingly crowded and competitive streaming services landscape, companies are partnering with leading contact center outsourcers to deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience. CustomerServ’s elite call center vendors provide expertise in:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Subscriber acquisition
  • Subscriber retention and saves
  • Increase lifetime value
  • Live chat, email, SMS support
  • Social media support
  • Community forums
  • Content moderation
  • Handset and tablet support
  • Mobile and gaming devices
  • Home electronics and media players
  • Bilingual and multilingual call centers
  • Onshore, nearshore and offshore call center sites
  • Compliance with PCI, GDPR, CCPA standards
  • Consumer and business-to-business