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Top Customer Service Issues and CustomerServ’s Call Center Expertise in the Healthcare Industry

CustomerServ’s Healthcare Contact Center Vendors Lead the Industry

The rise in patient empowerment has been the most profound milestone marking significant change within the healthcare industry. Today’s healthcare consumers have more access to information and choices than ever before, creating heightened competition among providers and insurers and a strong focus on improving the patient experience.

Healthcare is a data-rich industry and growing more so daily. Wellness-as-a-service (WaaS) is gaining popularity as a tech-enabled way to bundle lifestyle, health conditions and other data to help health-conscious millennials and even baby boomers improve their health through wellness. The widespread popularity of wearables and connected devices, along with the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR), is making it easier to collect and analyze patient information.

Mergers and partnerships are creating innovative ventures that will continue to transform the way consumers access healthcare services. Companies like Amazon are entering the healthcare marketplace and this trend will most likely continue, bringing additional competition to traditional healthcare providers, many of which are expected to begin using patient experience to differentiate themselves in the market. According to a survey of provider executives by PwC’s Health Research Institute, 49% said revamping the patient experience is one of their organization’s top three priorities over the next five years, and 89% of insurers are investing in technology to improve the member experience.

Enhancing the patient experience will help providers to strengthen the bottom line through increased patient loyalty and referrals to family and friends. Amid widespread concerns about escalating costs, high patient satisfaction accounts for a difference of $444 of net patient revenue (per adjusted patient day) between excellent and moderate hospitals, according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global healthcare Outlook, while a 10% increase in patients rating hospitals as excellent was found to increase margins by 1.5%.

Top Customer Service Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

The impact of consumerism on the healthcare industry is driving increased competition. A superior experience will be the differentiator for patients, but will require healthcare and health insurance providers to simplify patient access across multiple channels, streamline complicated processes and update aging legacy systems. Top customer service challenges facing healthcare and health insurance providers include:

  • Introducing customer-centric key performance metrics like patient satisfaction and first-call resolution.
  • Centralizing scheduling and appointment centers.
  • Adoption of Data Science and consolidation of data to drive better patient experience and outcomes.
  • Data security and protection.
  • Ensuring patient data security and HIPAA compliance.
  • Building stronger Patient Relationship Management protocols, increasing the frequency and type of contact, and focusing on wellness, not just treatment.
  • Expanding access channels to allow patients to engage when and how they prefer, through mobile apps, online portals, call center, email, SMS, etc.

CustomerServ’s Expert Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Services

CustomerServ is ahead of the curve in providing call center outsourcing solutions for the evolving healthcare market. Our vendors are HIPAA-compliant with a long list of healthcare certifications, including Protected Health Information (PHI), PIPEDA, FERPA, PCI and SOC II. CustomerServ has elected elite healthcare and health insurance call center vendor partners that manage tens of millions of provider and payer interactions every year. CustomerServ’s vendors have received the best BPO award from (2) of the top 10 health insurance companies in the United States.

CustomerServ’s healthcare contact center and BPO vendors are experts in:

  • Health insurance
  • Health management services
  • Medicaid/Medicare 
  • Senior care
  • Hospital systems
  • Dental and orthodontics
  • Vision care
  • Pain clinics
  • Ambulatory care
  • Preventative care
  • Alternative medicine
  • Paratransit support and logistics

CustomerServ’s healthcare contact center and BPO vendors deliver peak performance in the following areas:

  • Inbound and outbound call center support
  • Live chat, email, SMS & mobile app support
  • Open enrollment
  • Licensed insurance agents
  • Direct to consumer and commercial
  • Member support
  • Collections and recovery
  • Patient intake and scheduling
  • Medication Management Therapy (MTM)
  • Pharmacy benefits management
  • Clinical trial patient recruitment
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Case management
  • Wellness counseling
  • Medical device support
  • Inpatient/outpatient support
  • Eligibility and claims management
  • Prior authorization, billing and reimbursement
  • Complaint management
  • Triage calls
  • Physician referral
  • Bi-lingual and multi-lingual support