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Top Customer Service Issues and CustomerServ’s Call Center Expertise in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry Facing Disruptive Change Driven by Digital Technology

For decades, buying insurance has been a complicated, paperwork-heavy process best navigated with the help of an experienced agent. More recently, though, the rise of millennial consumers—and their buying power—is disrupting the traditional processes for insurance sales and service. Consumers’ desire to do business via digital channels is putting pressure on insurance providers to automate complex underwriting processes to speed up the sales cycle from weeks to minutes.

Likewise, the ability to manage claims and interact with insurers through digital access points is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature—it is essential for customer retention.In addition, the demand for fully automated claims submission is already being voiced by consumers of connected devices. 2 

InsurTech firms have emerged to fill the need for customized products that can be purchased and managed via mobile app. Many traditional insurance providers are investing in InsurTech firms to bring innovative technology to their customers while saving the cost of developing these capabilities in-house.

Insurers also are partnering with InsurTech firms to experiment with blockchain technology, which is expected to bring a sea change to industry processes by streamlining paperwork, eliminating redundancy, reducing fraud and improving efficiency in the claims process.

Top Customer Service Challenges for Insurance Providers

The insurance industry faces multiple challenges acquiring and retaining the growing base of millennial consumers whose sales and service expectations have been shaped by digitally savvy service providers. Key customer service challenges include:

  • A seamless customer journey across multiple touch-points, including web, mobile, call center, marketing and social media.
  • Delivering a superior customer experience while containing costs-- by not fulfilling customer service expectations, companies risk higher churn rates.
  • A digital platform providing access to info when and where it is convenience for the consumer
  • Optimizing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with integrated systems and analytics that provide call center agents with accurate customer data.
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback to ensure that customer insights are shared with research & development, marketing and sales functions for continuous improvement and product innovation.

Insurance Call Center Outsourcing Simplified by CustomerServ!

CustomerServ provides extensive experience in call center outsourcing for the insurance industry solving the above challenges and more. Our vendors understand the nomenclature of the policyholder lifecycle and have built outsourcing solutions for inbound insurance sales, outbound insurance sales, live chat, email, social and back office processing for new policyholder acquisition and servicing to administration, claims and policyholder retention.

CustomerServ’s insurance call center vendors provide over 1000 Life & Health and Property & Casualty insurance agents with in-state, non-resident and reciprocal licenses across the USA.

CustomerServ works with leading insurers covering policyholders for the following types of insurance:
  • Term life and whole life
  • Health insurance
  • Disability
  • Homeowners and renters
  • Home warranty
  • Personal auto
  • Final expenses
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Electronic insurance
CustomerServ’s expert insurance call center vendors provide the following services:
  • New policyholder sales and enrollments
  • Policy renewal
  • Cancellation and saves
  • Policyholder retention
  • 24/7/365 First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • Claims Management
  • Customer service
  • Email, Live Chat, SMS, mobile app support
  • FEMA claims administration
  • Multi-lingual
  • Dedicated and shared agents
  • On-shore US based call center services
  • Near-shore and off-shore call center services

A survey by Accenture found that 61% of consumers preferred to use digital channels to check the status of their claims. Further, 53% said that, if they were not able to use digital channels to interact with their insurer, they would not recommend that insurer, and 44% said they would switch insurers if they lacked digital capabilities.

2 Seventy-one percent of the study participants expressed an interest in having connected devices in the car or home submit claims automatically, for instance, after an accident or when there is property damage.