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South Africa is a rising star
in offshore call center outsourcing.


south african contact centers

Why South Africa for your call center needs?

The South African call center outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO) market has emerged as a leading global destination for English and bilingual outsourcing. The South African BPO sector is powered by a young, educated and tech-savvy workforce and a business climate conducive for high quality customer engagement call centers. The South African government is keenly focused on the continuous skills development of its BPO labor force to ensure continued growth and expansion of the BPO sector which offers numerous advantages including:

  • A BPO market valued at $3.1 billion with 240,000 call center agents, projected growth to
    300,000 agents by 2023.
  • A large population of young, well-educated, tech-savvy individuals currently estimated at 16.5 million, with 410,000 English-speaking individuals added to the national workforce each year, according to the BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa).
  • Government and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) invest heavily in South African BPO market, which has grown by 21%-23% annually (BPESA).
  • Home to captive/in-house call center operations for companies like Amazon.
  • An attractive outsourcing market for US, Canadian, European, Australia/New Zealand and African corporations.
  • South Africa operates in the same time zone as many European countries.
  • A 40%-50% cost savings for English language outsourcing compared to US call centers.
  • Unsaturated call center and BPO labor market in most South African cities with call center operations.
  • Geo-political stability, South Africa is the only African country in the G-20.
  • In preparation for hosting the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, South Africa underwent major infrastructure improvements.
  • High quality of healthcare and education, good quality of life, low costs.
  • Access to best-in-class global carriers allows for secure and reliable international

Find Your South African call center with CustomerServ at no cost to you

  • CustomerServ’s South Africa call centers are hand-picked by us following intensive and on-site vetting.
  • Our due diligence ensures that your vendor(s), agents, and operations teams are an extension of your brand and values.
  • CustomerServ is “the” global call center and BPO outsourcing expert, responsible for over $2.5 billion outsourcing contracts to date.
  • Mitigate your risk and increase your chances of success with a South Africa call center with our knowledge base and expert matchmaking process.
  • Our partners are experts in English and bilingual call center services for:
    • Customer service
    • Technical support
    • IoT (internet of things)
    • Help desk
    • Telesales
    • Outbound
    • Inbound
    • Omni-channel
    • Live chat
    • Email
    • Social
    • Digital
    • Back office
    • Collections


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