Our People


Soraia Hussain

Chief Financial Officer 

Joining CustomerServ in 2007, Soraia is “nearly” a founder. She is an accomplished world citizen which fits perfectly in the customer contact industry. A polyglot, she humbly admits to being fluent in several languages, and has been an entrepreneur since her youth. Prior to joining CustomerServ Soraia helped to “invent” a successful coffee company and she reinvigorated a business intelligence company, among other ventures.

Soraia leads the Operations and Finance practice at CustomerServ and does so with precision and grace under pressure as part of a growing business. Her experience as an accomplished business manager and financial analysis executive have prepared her well to be the guru of everything “financial” at CustomerServ. Under her watchful eyes, CustomerServ’s clients, suppliers, partners and associates have the confidence of an experienced auditor on their side and often rely on her vigilance to support their internal teams.

A graduate of George Mason University, Soraia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance which she earned in 1997. She was born in Afghanistan but makes her home with her little family in sunny Houston, TX these days. She will assure you that she has many interests but most of all loves being a mom right alongside a leader in a thriving business.