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Nick Jiwa

Founder and President

Nick’s professional journey started humbly in 1986 as a call center agent in the very early days of the industry.  What started as a “call center job” ignited his passion for people and led to a life-long career in outsourcing. Nick helped pioneer the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry as we know it today, initially in operations and ultimately as an executive leader.

Nick’s thought leadership and vision led to the creation of CustomerServ which is a natural progression of his devotion to world class customer service. Founded in 2006, CustomerServ is the BPO industry's authentic outsourcing ecosystem, crystallizing the rapidly changing landscape, to help corporate brands select the right BPO partnerships. 

Nick is a thought leader, author, BPO market expert, relationship builder, mentor, impact sourcing leader and an advocate for responsible business practices. His vision has led to over 100,000 new call center jobs worldwide, and nearly $3 billion in successful outsourcing relationships.

Nick was born in Tanzania, emigrated to the USA in 1974 and his first language was Swahili. Nick is a graduate of City University of New York with a bachelor’s in business administration and a minor in art history. He’s a WWII buff, vintage collector, soccer fanatic and 80s music nut. Nick resides in Houston, TX and he fields his passion for life into his family, community, and advocacy.

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