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Top Customer Service Issues and CustomerServ’s Call Center Expertise in the Fleet Services Industry

CustomerServ's Outsourced Call Centers Provide Value and Cost-Efficiency for Fleet Services

The fast pace of technological advancement has sparked sweeping change in the fleet management industry. Rapidly evolving developments in data collection, mobile devices, connected vehicles and telematics are transforming the way that enterprise fleet managers track, manage and maintain their vehicles.

While modern fleet management technology has taken great strides toward improving performance, driver safety and ROI, it also has created the potential for information overload. Fleet management operations are collecting vast amounts of data generated from in-vehicle telematics, connected devices, fleet tracking systems and other disparate information sources. The challenge is not only how to keep pace with quickly evolving technology, but also how to integrate data from multiple systems and platforms so that fleet managers and drivers have access to real-time, relevant and actionable information.

Today, more fleet management operations are relying on vehicle data tracking combined with predictive analytics to identify drivers who display high-risk behaviors, such as hard acceleration and deceleration, or speeding. These drivers can then be provided with safety training to reduce the potential for accidents, thereby lowering the unexpected expenses associated with vehicle repair and downtime, as well as keeping insurance costs down.

Maintaining a fleet is a considerable cost for an organization. Although vehicle servicing and fuel costs continue to rise, fleet management budgets have remained relatively flat in recent years. While many fleet managers struggle to optimize fleet assets under strict budget limitations, their objectives often clash with corporate finance executives who continually look for deeper cost control. The advent of real-time tracking and monitoring technology has put fleet managers under intense pressure to use data insights to create more cost efficiencies—particularly in preventative maintenance, fuel management and vehicle utilization.

Customer Service Challenges for Fleet Services

Fleet management operations are under intense scrutiny to reduce expenses amid fluctuating vehicle and fuel costs. As in-vehicle, mobile and web-based technologies continue to evolve in this space, companies must be able to provide fleet managers and drivers with quick access to knowledgeable service and tech support staff.  Key customer service challenges for fleet management companies include:

  • The ability to hire, staff and retain skilled customer service reps and certified technicians to handle a wide range of call types—from simple scheduling changes to fuel card inquiries and support to assisting drivers with vehicle diagnostic troubleshooting.
  • Providing around-the-clock access to emergency roadside assistance call triage agents.
  • Supporting leased vehicle customers with vehicle ordering and scheduling, as well as vehicle maintenance and repair education.
  • Offering drivers access to on-demand technical support to troubleshoot in-vehicle technology and connected devices across platforms.
  • Ensuring that customer service and technical support staff have access to real-time driver and vehicle tracking, diagnostic data and analytics in a format that is useful and usable.

CustomerServ's Call Center Vendors are Leaders in the Fleet Services Industry

CustomerServ is working closely with leaders in the fleet services industry that require excellence from their call center partners. Fleet companies today are managing the financial and logistics needs of drivers and fleet managers. CustomerServ has matched experienced vendors with a global footprint, enabling fleet management companies to deliver world-class services at cost-effective outsourcing rates.

CustomerServ’s clients manage over 1 million vehicles and provide:

CustomerServ’s Fleet Services Call Center Outsourcing Vendors provide:

  • Accounts payable support
  • Inbound customer service
  • Roadside assistance
  • Telematics tracking
  • Connected vehicle support
  • Outbound services
  • Corporate travel desk
  • Seasonal and steady state staffing
  • Live chat
  • Email support
  • SMS support
  • Mobile app support
  • Social media support
  • Multi-lingual in over 50 languages
  • US Based, near-shore and off-shore support
  • PCI compliant call centers