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Dominican Republic Call Centers

CustomerServ’s Dominican Republic call centers: a nearshore destination that delivers top English skills.


dominican republic contact centers

Why the Dominican Republic for your call center needs?

As the most visited destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic boasts a well-established service culture. English-language skills are considered a critical foundation for the up-and-coming Dominican labor force. A strong public-private alliance is focused on extending a successful call center/BPO English by Immersion (IPI) program to high schools to provide graduating seniors with the English-speaking skills to obtain employment in the call center industry. In addition, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) has launched an “English Finishing School” to provide additional training for IPI graduates to qualify for job opportunities in call center outsourcers and BPOs located in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

The Dominican Republic’s call center and BPO industry provides numerous nearshore advantages, including:

  • Access to a large pool of English and bilingual Spanish call center agents.
  • Dominican Republic’s call center and BPO outsourcing industry launched in 1995. Valued at $750 million, it is among the most mature call center BPO outsourcing markets in CALA (Caribbean and Latin America).
  • With a population of 11 million, Dominican Republic offers one of the largest talent pools in the Caribbean. The BPO sector employs 36,000 call center workers.
  • The country is home to a young, educated workforce eager to hone their English-language skills.
  • Dominican Republic call centers employ work-at-home and on-premise English and bilingual agents.
  • Dominican Republic observes Atlantic Standard Time year-round, convenient for team-building, meetings and collaboration with US partners.
  • Dominican Republic call centers and BPOs offer 40%-60% cost savings compared to US call centers.
  • Dominicans have a strong cultural affinity and economic ties to the US.
  • Dominican government continues to invest heavily in expanding the BPO sector.
  • Call centers located in and near central business districts, university towns and in technical and commercial hubs.
  • CustomerServ’s call center vendors are in Santo Domingo and Santiago.
  • Compliance includes PCI, SOC II, ISO and HIPAA.
  • Exceptionally good infrastructure, utilities, transportation, technology and telephony.

Find your Dominican Republic call center with CustomerServ at no cost to you

  • CustomerServ’s Dominican Republic call centers are hand-picked by us following intensive and on-site vetting.
  • CustomerServ is “the” global call center and BPO outsourcing expert, responsible for over $2.5 billion outsourcing contracts to date.
  • Mitigate your risk and increase your chances of success with a Dominican Republic call center with our knowledge base and expert matchmaking process.
  • Our partners are experts in English and bilingual call center services for:
    • Customer service
    • Technical support
    • IoT (internet of things)
    • Help desk
    • Telesales
    • Outbound
    • Inbound
    • Omni-channel
    • Live chat
    • Email
    • Social
    • Digital
    • Back office
    • Collections


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